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Nexthemes is much better when you have an account.

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We can lend a hand with any site questions, bugs and customizations

Installation Package


per install

  • WP Theme included
  • WordPress install
  • Theme install
  • Demo Content import
  • Upload Logo
  • Color changes

Basic Package


per install

  • Installation Included
  • Enhance Security
  • 24 Hours Response
  • 2 Hours Screen Share
  • Small Changes
  • 2 Logo variations

Advanced Package


per install

  • Basic Included
  • Content Managment
  • Custom Modifications
  • 12 Hours Response
  • 5 Hours Screen Share
  • 3 Logo Variations

Professional Package


per install

  • WP Theme Included
  • Content Managment
  • 12 Hours Response
  • 8 Hours Screen Share
  • 3 Logo Variations
  • 3 Custom Pages

Services FAQ

Can i order WordPress installation only?

Yes, we have customization service, it's paid by hour and you can ask for any WordPress and theme related services.

What Screen Share involves?

We make a call on skype and share our screen for you to see have to modify and manage your website content.

Do you offer hosting?

No, but we can advise you a hosting service, the services are for customers that have a domain name and hosting plan.

If i need some components in addition to what the theme provides?

We can design and develop any component you need, even a individual design.

Maintenance I

$99 / month

per install

  • WordPress Updates
  • Theme Updates
  • Plugins Updates
  • Biweekly Site Backups
  • 1-2 Days Response
  • Security Monitoring

Maintenance II

$199 / month

per install

  • Mark I included
  • Small Code fixes
  • Small CSS fixes
  • Weekly Site Backups
  • 24 Hours Response
  • Malware scans

Maintenance FAQ

What do I need to provide in order to use your service?

We need a WordPress Admin account, FTP credentials and depending on request the Hosting credentials.

Can I cancel at anytime?

Yes, you can cancel the next day if you want, but once you are billed for a month, why not put it to a good use.

Can you help me set up an SSL certificate?

Yes. First, you need to purchase an SSL certificate and install it on site. Once that’s done, your website needs to be configured to use it. We can help you through both parts of the process.

Where do you store the backups? How long are they kept?

We store backups on securely Amazon Server for a month, after which they are deleted. If you wish to have access to them, we can send you the copy you need.

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