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Speed matters, so light up your site

website loading speed matters
  • June 10, 2017
  • Nex Themes
  • WordPress

Speed matters, so light up your site

Slow site is a problem nowadays. People are very impatient when it comes to loading speed of a website. If the loading is slow, then, in a matter of seconds you lost your audience.

If your website takes more than 2 or 3 seconds to show some content, then there is no use to load it after 😉 because you lost a lot of people. So, knowing that people lose attention fast, you have to do your best to keep them on. That’s why speed is very important for various reasons like rank, traffic, optimization and other.

The reasons for slowing down can be different :

  • Bad configuration of your WordPress
  • A slow server
  • Big traffic flow
  • Lots of requests for inside and outside sources
  • A lot of active features and plugins

So you can offer your website a helping hand to speed up. Here are some recommendations:

  1. Having a client on one side of the globe and the server on the other, the only helping option is to use a CDN service, it will copy your content to a closer server to the user so it can load faster.
  2. Right configuration of the WordPress, using a light theme and activating less plugins, try finding a plugin that makes the job of 3 others.
  3. Check the performances of your site and see there you can optimize to make it load faster, like image optimization, scripts compression, icon fonts or sprites.

If you make all these changes, you will see the results very soon.

Have a good day and godspeed.

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