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How to boost your website traffic

website traffic boosting
  • May 5, 2017
  • Nex Themes
  • SEO

How to boost your website traffic

Few years ago, all online marketing was focused on was how to boost website traffic, a conversion rate of 3% was a very good result, even so everybody tried to boost that result. But in those days, the traffic was not that much of a challenge, it was affordable and easy to acquire, with time everyone did it, the market became highly competitive. With time boosting the traffic becomes more expensive, and people begin to search for optimization tools or possibility to get to that result without spending to much budget. We provide you a list of useful advices:

Newsletter emails

Emails are great for social promotion, but what they also specialize in is distributing newsletters and boosting traffic, so include a newsletter sign up form on your site.

Promote your blog posts on Facebook

It is no secret that Facebook has become more rigid with organic search, which, observed from the website owner’s perspective, means posts will be almost invisible without a proper investment. The most reasonable and cost-effective thing is to trigger a constant campaign that will distribute all of your posts, and target in such way a larger audience for remarketing.

Marketing campaign on Facebook

Setting up a marketing campaign is very easy, you have to install a special tracking pixel on the site, and Facebook will repeatedly promote the product/service to customers who bought, or visitors who saw what the site was about. This is probably the least time-consuming and hassle-free method to secure return traffic to the site, regardless of number of visitors.

Twitter Adds

Twitter strategies are almost the same like Facebook – you’ll once again need to install a pixel so that the product/service would be promoted on Twitter. What is different with Twitter, however, is that it requires a larger minimum audience quote for a website to be advertised, namely 500 people.

Search engines Optimization never gets old

Nowadays, it is no longer possible to trick and manipulate search engines with disloyal practices. What you should be concerned with instead is how your website looks and performs, and whether the engine’s robots will be able to crawl the information they need from it. For complete and automated SEO audit, you can purchase tools such as SEMrush and ahrefs.com, but the best way is always to think about it, and do it manually.

Exchange posts with other sites

The practice is known as syndicating and helps a lot to attract new visitors to a particular website/blog. Take some time to find the blogs performing the best in your industry, and have similar content, size, and audience as you do. Then, connect with their editors/tech team, and suggest a swap of blog posts linked to each other. The practice is beneficial for both ends, as it gives visitors to you and to your partner, as long as you avoid duplicating content and not mentioning specifically which the source for that article is.

Pinterest for advertising 

Creative agencies, consumer goods vendors and companies with some beautiful visuals should consider also Pinterest adds. The platform is relatively young, but extremely popular, and known to boost conversion rates more than any other social network can. For a new platform, Pinterest also has a modest and reasonable pricing scheme.

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