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Choosing hosting for WordPress

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  • January 25, 2018
  • Nex Themes
  • WordPress

Choosing hosting for WordPress

NexThemes’ CTO again here ( always straight to the point ).

First of all – we are hosting all our products with Vultr ( they don’t pay us for telling you this ). It’s cheap, reliable and fast = it’s logic.

Second – you need to know that with this kind of hosting you don’t get your cPanel (read below on how to add cPanel) or any technical support. So you need to have some skills in setting up a hosting instance/machine or have an in-house man to do that for you. It’s not so hard and they have some tutorial pages on what to do.

Third¬†– you can add cPanel to your instance or install WordPress with 1-click App from Vultr. This will cost you more but still, it’s nice to have it available. Please note that you will have a CentOS instance running when you pick WordPress 1-click install. I am not too keen on CentOS and more likely to use a Debian for my WordPress setups. So, use it at your own risk.

Fourth – there are other similar solutions but usually, cost more (like DigitalOcean). Also, you can find platforms that take care of your WordPress setup in more ways than someone might need (like WPengine). If you’re no tech-guy, then this might work best for you.

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