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Category: Security

  • January 15, 2018
  • Nex Themes
  • Security

Ten Practical Tips to Make Your Website Hackerproof

The most common misconception about website security is that the average WordPress user can’t take a stand against hackers. Millionaires who hide their wealth were exposed due to a WordPress vulnerability. It’s what journalists called the Panama Papers. If people who hide billions of dollars have been hacked, how can a standard user be protected? The reality is that the most gifted hackers look for big sites. A personal blog and a small-to-medium size company are targets for only regular hackers. The chances are that a few proactive measures will considerably reduce the possibility of getting hacked. So your site’s security deserves your focus because you can genuinely win the […]

Wordpress Security

WordPress guidelines for better security

This post is written by the CTO of nexthemes.co so it will be blunt and straight to code. Here is how to keep your WordPress secured: WordPress Updated Always keep your WordPress updated as it receives lots of security features directly from Automatic and sometimes during an all around the globe malicious attack it’s important to receive them fast. So keep the automatic updates also on. You should receive an email when your WordPress is being updated automatically – jump to your website and see that nothing broke. Some would say that this is not stable or it involves to much hassle as the code just changes itself – believe […]

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