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25 Professionals to Follow on Twitter

  • December 16, 2017
  • Nex Themes
  • WordPress

25 Professionals to Follow on Twitter

Almost everyone makes new year resolutions, and one of the most frequent is to spend less time on social networks. If you don’t quantify your time spent on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and other social networks, then you should! You will be amazed at how much time you waste.

I used the RescueTime Google Chrome extension, and I was entirely perplexed to see how much time I spend on social networks, if you want to know more about RescueTime, please check this in-depth review. I believe that you are more or less in the same boat with me.

Indeed, time spent on Facebook or Twitter might cut down your efficiency. However, you can use social networks to your advantage. This article is a good start in this respect. I suggest you unfollow those Twitter profiles that tweet useless or distracting messages and follow the below profiles.

I have handpicked 25 WordPress professionals to follow on Twitter. They post useful messages, but from time to time, they share aspects of their personal lives. It’s fascinating to see the human part of the experts you respect the most.

Joost de Valk

Joost de Valk is the CEO of Yoast, the company behind Yoast SEO plugin. If you follow him, you will find the latest news in the area of SEO for WordPress. He tweets a few times a day, so your timeline won’t be crowded with tons of tweets.


Matt Mullenweg

Matt Mullenweg doesn’t need an introduction to WordPress users. He is active on Twitter, and his tweets are mostly about WordPress events, especially WordCamps. He doesn’t tweet useful resources to sharpen your skills, but you should follow him for his strategic insights. Matt is one of those individuals who may indicate how WordPress will evolve.


Syed Balkhi

The chances are that you have visited the WP Beginner blog at least once if you are an average WordPress user. Syed Balkhi is the founder of this blog, and the entire WordPress community appreciates his insights. He tweets not only WordPress-related links but also many motivational quotes and images of his family and relatives.


Chris Lema

Chris Lema is a charismatic WordPress expert who regularly tweets cool facts. He uses his account to keep in touch with his close friends and spread exciting resources for WordPress users.


Colin Newcomer

Colin Newcomer is one of the most prolific WordPress bloggers. He has contributed to tons of popular blogs, and all his posts are jam-packed with useful information. Colin shares his articles on Twitter, so follow him to have his insightful posts on your timeline.


Ionut Neagu

I wonder how Ionut Neagu manages to focus on so many big projects. He is the founder of Code In WP and co-founder of Theme Isle, two successful startups. He shares cool resources with his followers to train their WordPress skills. Additionally, he tweets news and insights from the WordPress industry.

Adii Pienaar

By following Adii Pienaar, you learn how a talented entrepreneur and WordPress expert thinks, behaves, lives, and works. Adii Pienaar is the co-founder of WooThemes, and he has a complete view of the state of WordPress. He tweets his interviews or podcasts where he offers useful tips for WordPress users.

Additionally, Adii is a talented marketer and entrepreneur, and he sometimes tweets about marketing and entrepreneurship.


Oliver Dale

Oliver Dale is another talented entrepreneur and WordPress expert. He founded Theme Furnace, and he is involved in many other projects. His Twitter activity consists of many retweets. It looks like Oliver checks other people tweets and retweets what’s most interesting. The majority of his tweets are links to useful WordPress and web design articles, so follow him if you are a designer or a WordPress user.


Steven Watts

Steven Watts runs a WordPress-maintenance business that has considerably expanded and was recently awarded at Cambridgeshire Digital Awards. Steven is open to discussions, so feel free to engage with him. Another reason to follow Steven is the constant Twitter activity—he shares his blog posts and other cool WordPress resources.

Follow Steven, and you will only have top-notch tweets in your timeline.


Brian Jackson

Brian Jackson is a passionate blogger. Currently, he is the director of inbound marketing at Kinsta. His position and experience made me feature his account here. He tweets a lot of quality WordPress and entrepreneurship articles quite frequently.


Peter Nilsson

Beginners and average WordPress users should follow Peter Nilsson because he tweets tons of useful articles every day. His tweets cover a large area of topics from WordPress basics to website security and development. He also runs a couple of highly visited WordPress-related blogs, so he knows a thing or two about WordPress.


Justin Tadlock

Justin Tadlock is a developer who uses Twitter to distribute a lot of interesting resources. He shares many articles showing how to resolve difficult WordPress issues. Besides these, he tweets impressions related to his work, like how to update a plugin four times in four days.


Lisa Sabin Wilson

Lisa is the author of WordPress for Dummies, and many of her tweets are for WordPress users. She does diversify her tweets, though; if you follow her, you will find lots of interesting articles and news. Also, she uses Twitter to engage with other members. Don’t be afraid of interacting with her—she is enjoyable and receptive.


Sarah Gooding

Sarah writes for the WP Tavern blog, and she is quite passionate about writing and WordPress. She doesn’t tweet very frequently, but everything she shares is attractive. Follow her for a discrete but useful Twitter presence.


Stuart Duff

Stuart Duff tweets cool WordPress, entrepreneurship, and cryptocurrency resources, along with personal stuff. Stuart is another discrete Twitter member, but I added him here due to the quality of his tweets.


Aigars Silkalns

Aigars is the founder of Colorlib, a vast collection of WordPress theme reviews. He shares his articles and many other quality posts that will help you sharpen your skills. Follow him if you are interested in purchasing a new theme; he writes valuable theme collections and reviews.


Harsh Agrawal

Harsh Agrawal is one of the most famous bloggers; he started his blogging career back in 2008. He isn’t a WordPress developer, but he shares insightful tweets that might help you get a solid grasp on WordPress. I recommend Harsh to Twitter members who want tips to grow a WordPress business, deal with clients, and better manage working time.


Tom McFarlin

Tom McFarlin is a developer, and he tweets mostly useful resources for coders. WordPress isn’t ignored; he distributes cool articles appreciated by advanced users. Tom is also a funny guy—he has always shared eye-catching gifs.


Konstantin Kovshenin

Are you interested in WordPress meetups, or do you want to connect with influential speakers? Follow Konstantin and check out his tweets because he has participated in many WordPress events and shares tons of impressions. Unfortunately, he tweets inconsistently.


Pavel Ciorici

Pavel created his account in January 2008, and he has only tweeted 6,000 times in almost ten years. That’s not much, but Pavel prefers to distribute only quality tweets. His Twitter contribution is made up of fresh resources for WordPress users, images from WordPress events, and personal impressions.

He also founded WPZoom; clearly, Pavel is a WordPress expert who deserves your attention.


Paul Underwood

Paul is a developer who has a strong passion for PHP, Laravel, and WordPress. If you want to know more about these topics, you have to follow Paul. He focuses strictly on development and posts nothing but amazing tweets about coding and WordPress articles.


David Bisset

David Bisset is an active Twitter member, and he continuously shares fantastic posts for coders and WordPress users. His tweets cover a large area of topics from plugin development to security and WordPress events.


Sunita Rai

Sunita is a hard-working blogger, and she tweets links to her articles. I suggest that beginners follow Sunita because the majority of her posts focus on helping them. From time to time, she shares tips and articles for writers and marketers.


Adam Connell

Adam is the founder of Blogging Wizard, and his ideas and opinions are appreciated by the blogging community. If you use WordPress for blogging, then it is a good idea to follow Adam. He creates a cool mix of tweets covering blogging, influencer marketing, content production, and WordPress development and maintenance.



My purpose was to feature here the accounts of WordPress experts and not agencies, teams, blogs, or companies. However, this account is an exception—it is the official account of WordPress.org. You can’t call yourself an average WordPress user if you don’t follow this account. Here you will find out the latest news from WordPress.org. There is no better-qualified Twitter presence than it to present the latest WordPress features.

These Twitter accounts are enough to use Twitter to your advantage. As with everything man-made, this list is perfectible. Please leave in your favorite professionals that you follow on Twitter in the comments below.


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