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Premium WordPress and HTML

We have everything you need to build a beautiful website

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We are constantly developing and updating the themes with the latest features


Google Fonts

Our themes are fully all-sufficient and come with Google fonts. It's easy and free.


Fully Responsive

All components look gorgeous on any device: smartphone, tablet, laptop, iMac.


Retina Ready

Our themes have an SVG based tool, meaning all icons are sharp and look awesome everywhere.


Cross-Browser Support

Test your website immediately in all web browsers to see that it looks perfect.


Bootstrap Grid

Most popular 1170px grid and all the Bootstrap components are at your service.


Free Updates

Zero cost lifelong subscription for all upcoming features and improvements.

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Our professional approach to every detail makes our themes the best

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Best Services

We can lend a hand with any site questions, bugs and customizations

design and sketching

Designing & Sketching

Sketching is the middle land between the information and the layout we’ll end up planning. On this land we find colors, fonts, boxes, ideas, inspiration, textures, images and all needed to finish a great design.

design and sketching

Customization & Optimization

Optimizing the website for a bigger load speed and a better result is the primary need and in case you need something new, we can add new sections, pages, layouts or customize the ones you already have.

design and sketching

Ready to Start

You don't know how to do it, but you want a website? All you have to do is choose the theme you like, Ready to Start pack and all is left to do, is play with the content of your live and ready website.

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What Our Clients Say

Like they say "The customer is always right"

I'm not good at websites, so they kind of handle all the stuff for me, I just say what I want and they make it work :)

A lot of WordPress website are live thanks to me, I'm always looking for the best theme around. So i must say NexThemes is a good choice for me.

Finally I found someone to do my website for me, i tried several times myself, but i guess everybody should stick to what they know.

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Information about the upcoming themes and WordPress


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